Value For Money

  • As you know 2/3rds of your property tax bill is City and Regional government. As a taxpayer myself I believe Regional representation is a full time job.

Improved Support For Our First Responders

  • Regional Councillors have the responsibility for all three of our 911 services (Police, Fire, Paramedics).  Both levels government must do more to ensure greater mental health support is available in their time of need.

Preserving Our Unique Communities

  • I have heard your concerns regarding new projects in our neighbourhoods. My focus and priority will be to work to maintain the charm that has made Ward 2 the place you call home.  


Too often I have witnessed candidates struggle to answer what to me is the essential

question for anyone seeking public office: Why are you running?


I feel that after 18 years it is time for change in Ward 2. The passion and love I have for

this community has convinced me that we deserve better and should be getting better

value for our tax dollars than has been provided by the incumbent.


Ask yourself, do you know who your Regional Councillor is? Do you know what they’ve

done for you and your family? Do you know what they should be doing for you and

your family?


The theme of my campaign is “In this for You”, which describes the commitment that I

will bring to this role .   If elected, I will ensure that you’re connected with me and, most importantly, I am

connected with you.   With your support you will be able to count on a full-time Regional

Councillor for Ward 2 to be your voice at both the City of Pickering and the Region of




Vote on line or by phone October 15 to 22nd for Gary Strange, Ward 2 Regional Councillor.



Vote for a candidate who is "In this for you"!

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